Gaming consoles or online play can be a fun way to spend some time and they are suitable for all ages. There is a huge variety of choice in terms of what to play although go-kart games provide some fast and furious action. Some of the best around include the following.

Mario Kart

Super Mario’s adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom have been one of Nintendo’s most successful offerings and there are plenty of games to choose from. The Mario Kart series is one of the most successful spinoffs from the main game and has the little Italian racing around a variety of courses. There are a few different Mario Kart games to choose from, and as well as Mario these include a number of other characters that players can control to try and win races.

Diddy Kong Racing

This game was originally released almost 20 years ago and was the fastest selling game ever at the time of its introduction. It is another kart game that was a spin off from a popular series, with Donkey Game being a game that many people will have heard of and played. Diddy Kong Racing allows players to control their favorite characters in karts, hovercrafts, or planes and gives the option of a race mode or adventure mode.

Crash Team Racing

This game features the Crash Bandicoot character and players take control of him or one of the other friendly characters in a race to beat the alien Nitros Oxide. There are a few different game modes to try and these include battle, adventure, and time trial. Winning on a course opens up new worlds, with the ultimate aim being to get all the way to the spaceship of Nitros Oxide and defeat him in a race there.

For the action they offer, the kart games above are considered some of the best around and are definitely a must-try for anyone that wants to have some racing fun.