You never have to be bored ever again once you discover all the fun and exciting games that you can play online. From real money slot machines that pay out million dollar jackpots, to action-packed flash games with great graphics, there are a whole array of games to choose from. We reveal some of the best games that you can start playing online today.

Mega Fortune

Slot machine lovers will just adore the thrill of the Mega Fortune Slot Machine. With a mega jackpot that runs into the millions, a major jackpot, and a minor jackpot, there are plenty of ways that you can strike it lucky on this slot. One lucky player even won over £5,000,000 in just one spin! You can feel the excitement on Megafortunedreams.

Tribes: Ascend

This fast and furious action game has earned rave review from online players. Set in a futuristic world where you can run around incredible landscapes with your very own jet pack! A great thing about this online game is that it is completely free to download. You can download Tribes: Ascend directly from their official website here.

Online Poker

Another exciting game to play online in Texas Hold’em poker. You can choose play money games just for fun, or enroll in real money tournaments that could earn you a big chunk of the prize pool. Pokerstars, Full Tilt and Sky Poker have some of the most respected and busiest poker rooms online. You can also download a handy app that lets you play from your smart phone or tablet when you are out and about.

So why not try out the above games and see what ones you prefer? You could find an exciting game that will keep your entertained, or even better, win a bit jackpot! Good luck!