Super Mario Kart is a racing game from Nintendo. It was first released in 1992 for the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) and was adapted for the Nintendo Wii in 2009 and the Wii U in 2013.

Game Play

Players race karts around tracks, with a viewpoint from within their kart. They can choose from single mode, in which they race against computer controlled characters to win a series of cups, or multi-player mode that lets two players compete against each other using a split screen. There are also Time Trial and Battle Mode options.

Characters in the game

There are eight different playable characters in the game, who have different power-ups, weights, acceleration and speeds.

  • Mario – The mustachioed, red-capped plumber who first appeared in Donkey Kong in 1981. Mario uses an Invincibility Star as power-up.
  • Luigi – Mario’s green-capped twin brother has the same capabilities as his sibling.
  • Princess Peach – Drives in her long pink gown and has a power-up of Poison Mushrooms.
  • Yoshi – Mario’s green dinosaur companion uses Eggs as his power-up.
  • Bowser – Bowser, the evil leader of the Koopas, has Lava Balls for power-up.
  • Donkey Kong Jr – Another of Mario’s enemies, this gorilla throws Bananas on power-up.
  • Koopa Troopa – this tiny turtle-like character uses Green Shells as his power-up weapon.
  • Toad – This tiny character comes from Princess Peach’s Mushroom Kingdom and, like her, throws Poison Mushrooms as a power-up.